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 Update: Important Notice Regarding The Covid-19 Rapid Home Test Kit 


Patient Priority First is committed to take social responsible measures and provide proven medical scientific based products to aid in the management of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are bound to our core values of transparency integrity, family, community and solid business principles. 

Our COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit is medically proven to provide detection of the Coronavirus with 90% accuracy results available within 15 minutes. This serves as a viable proactive initial personal screening test. Nine out of ten test will results in a 90% efficacy rate. It is very important to recognize that with any positive test result immediate medical attention and social responsible measures such as self quarantine is highly recommended. 

The Patient Priority First  COVID-19 Rapid Test is the same authentic test being used currently in many counties around the globe. It is CE Certified https://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/ce-marking_en and is proving to be a instrumental first step screening detection test which can be privately administered.

Patient Priority First, Inc. is working closely with both federal and state agencies in an effort to assist every American with direct access to the Covid-19 home Rapid Test kit. in the meantime we continue to provide the Covid-19 Home Rapid Test Kits to hospitals and medical clinic professionals throughout the industry. 

No representation of The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval with respect to the Covid-19 Home Rapid Test Kit is neither expressed or implied.